Diogo Costa Named 12th President of the Foundation for Economic Education

On behalf of FEE’s Board of Trustees, I am pleased to announce that we have elected Diogo Costa as the next President of FEE.

A 17-year veteran of the freedom movement, Diogo is widely recognized as both a thought leader and an organizational leader in the movement for liberty in Brazil, which is among the most robust in the world.

Diogo began his career in Washington, D.C. in 2007 with two two-year stints, one at the Cato Institute and the other at the Atlas Network, as a pioneer promoting classical liberal ideas in Brazil before they had achieved the extraordinary success that they now have in that country. This was followed by five years as a teaching fellow and a professor of economics and political science at universities in Brazil and the United Kingdom, and for an online business school in Spain.

For the past eight years, Diogo has had a series of leadership positions in both educational organizations and policy-oriented think tanks in Brazil, including explicitly free-market shops as well as more mainstream organizations that he was able to move in a freedom-friendly direction. He is currently the CEO of the Instituto Millenium in São Paulo.

Diogo has a bachelor of law degree from the Catholic University of Petropolis, Brazil, earned a master of political science degree from Columbia University, and completed three years of postgraduate study in political economy at King’s College, London.

In Diogo’s words, “My personal journey with FEE began in 2004, when I attended a FEE seminar as a reward for winning an essay contest on Ludwig von Mises. This experience cemented my commitment to the liberty movement. I am excited to be joining FEE as its President, bringing my passion, experience and dedication to an institution that has been a pivotal part of my own journey.”

In the words of FEE’s Interim President Lawrence W. (“Larry”) Reed, “Diogo is a truly exciting choice for FEE. He has a deep understanding of our philosophical principles as well as a proven track record at guiding organizations that teach these ideas and put them into action. It reinforces FEE’s long-held conviction that freedom and free markets are universal values.”

After a period of transition at his current employer, Diogo will begin as President of FEE in mid-March and plans to move permanently to Atlanta within a few months. The current leadership team, under Larry’s oversight, will work with Diogo to assure a smooth transition.

The Board was gratified to see a very strong field of candidates for this position, including over 100 submissions. We are confident that Diogo has the vision and leadership to multiply FEE’s effectiveness in making the freedom philosophy familiar, credible, and compelling to the next generation.

It’s been a pleasure working with Larry and the entire staff during this interim period, and I’d like to thank them for keeping FEE firing on all cylinders while the search process moved forward.

I’d also like to thank the many generous donors to FEE who have enabled FEE to maintain its programs without missing a beat. I have no doubt that Diogo and the entire staff will do everything in their power to continue to merit this vote of confidence that our supporters have expressed in FEE.

The post Diogo Costa Named 12th President of the Foundation for Economic Education was first published by the Foundation for Economic Education, and is republished here with permission. Please support their efforts.

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